August 30th, 2013Posted In ShopPad Spotlight

The ShopPad Spotlight: Issue: #6

Now that we’ve released branding controls ShopPad customers sure have been getting creative!

Customizing the look of your store to match your brand builds trust and helps increase conversion rates. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Rachel Lucie Jewelry

rachellucie-1 rachellucie-3


Rachel Lucie Johns is a jewelery designer using sterling silver, gold-fill, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.

Why we love ’em

Showing off gorgeous product images on the carousel cover creates a strong desire to jump right in and explore. Rachel Lucie also makes great use of Pages, with lots of helpful information to make sure their shoppers are well-informed.

Love Vintage Floral

vintagefloral-2 vintagefloral-1


A retail shop devoted to all things floral… seriously, vintage, eclectic, folk, retro, tropical, & global/ethnic styles.

Why we love ’em

Love Vintage Floral took advantage of our full range of customization options. Bold colors and fun fonts lets their playful brand take center stage and accentuate the floral products available in their shop.


vintagefloral-2 vintagefloral-1


The core aim of North East Urban Art is to raise the profile of local artists, photographers and fashion designers and showcase their work online.

Why we love ’em

NEUA kept things simple and clean while accenting the work of their featured artists. Using the rotating product carousel for the cover page, the artists work is front and center to draw in shoppers, setting the tone to casually browse through the art available for purchase.

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