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Six Interesting Examples of Gamification in eCommerce

Can turning online shopping into a game increase your bottom line? Econsultancy highlights six companies doing just that in order to turn their customers into advocates and inspire brand loyalty.

Mobile Adoption at

Fab CEO Jason Goldberg posted a graph to his blog showing their revenue from mobile devices as a percentage of overall sales. He expects their mobile revenue to cross the 50% threshold “very soon”.

The Ecommerce Potential for Facebook Graph Search

With Facebook’s launch of Graph Search, the social network company will be putting some seriously big data into the hands of everyone. Now anyone can access intricate queries like, “Where’s the best club for single women who like rockabilly in San Francisco?” Or, “Which shoe company do most runners my age really prefer?” If Facebook’s new tool takes off, companies may soon find Graph Search Optimization more important than traditional SEO.

Shopify Year In Review: 2012

Who has 7.8 million customers, 128 bottles of hotsauce and $742 million in sales? SaaS eCommerce provider Shopify, that’s who! In order to celebrate a mega-2012, Shopify has turned their most memorable moments into a fun, visual retrospective.

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