Faster Redirection for Shopify Stores

fast-codeToday we released an enhancement for Shopify stores that will decrease the delay your shoppers experience when they are redirected from desktop site to your ShopPad-optimized mobile store.

Historically, we used Shopify’s Script Tag API to insert JavaScript that does our mobile device detection and redirection. This provided an easy path to install ShopPad, but because it could only be invoked during the window’s onLoad event, it required that your entire site and all its assets be loaded before our code was executed. This sometimes created a noticeable delay where shoppers may see parts of your desktop site load before being redirected to their optimized mobile experience.

The good news is we’ve created a new loading method that’s nearly instantaneous using the following method:

1. Obtain your ShopPad ID

Your ShopPad ID is the same as your Shopify ID. Locate your Shopify ID from the subdomain of your store’s myshopify URL e.g. — your ShopPad ID is shopifyid

2. Paste the detect.js script tag in your theme

From your Shopify admin screen navigate to “Themes” and then “Template Editor” and select theme.liquid from the “Layouts” section.

Paste the following script tag in the HEAD of your theme. Since browsers parse top-to-bottom, try and put this as near the top as you can so it’s loaded as quickly as possible:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

3. Enter your ShopPad ID

Within this script tag, set the u= parameter to your ShopPad ID from step 1. For example, if your ShopPad ID is cool-dog-clothes then your new detect script would be:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Save your changes and continue using ShopPad the same way as you did before.

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