Introducing Kit Karts: Easy Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned carts are a common occurrence among e-commerce businesses where a customer will reach the cart or checkout screen with products ready to be purchased, but for whatever reason, does not follow through and the cart is abandoned online. It has become a largely untapped pool of potential sales.

Approximately $4 trillion worth of products will become abandoned in online shopping carts this year – this number is only growing as the number of outlets for e-commerce shopping increases.

You’ve already invested in resources to attract customers to your store and worked so hard to optimize conversion rates to get shoppers interested in your products, so losing them through an abandoned cart should not be the reason why a sale is lost.

The very fact that your store has abandoned carts means that you’ve taken a lot of the right steps to get your customer to that position to want to make a purchase – that is why technology that assists retailers in recovering these lost sales is such an advantageous addition to your store.

Many of the customers that do end up abandoning their carts from your stores are on the absolute cusp of making the purchase, but fall off when something disrupts the progression of checkout.

Let’s consider a few examples:

  • It could losing a signal on your phone,
  • The oven time rings and you need to pull some food out
  • Not wanting to get up to get your wallet when making the purchase
  • You get a phone call

However, there are ways to help recover these customers and sales. 63% of the the $4 trillion in lost abandoned cart merchandise is recoverable.

According to marketing consultant, Michael Zipursky, there may be numerous reasons as to why shoppers are leaving your store without making the final purchase, but it turns out that there are several steps that can be taken to not only prevent this issue but also to recover these customers after they’ve already abandoned their cart. One of the options that will be highlighted here is the email recovery method, in particular a Shopify app that specializes in this functionality.

blog-kitkartsKit Karts

The optimal solution to the abandoned carts issue for your Shopify store is the Kit Karts app – the seamless solution to track and recover lost carts. This app will be adding the ability of recovering abandoned carts through email to the Kit assistant app (which must be installed on your store in order to use Kit Karts), all from the convenience of your own cell phone.

The two key attributes to the app that make it such a viable solution are it’s automation and simplicity.


Kit Karts will automatically aggregate all of the abandoned carts from your store. You’ll be able to see the number of carts lost as well as the average revenue lost from the potential sales.


In addition, Kit Karts will track the progress of your recovered carts as well with a graph recording your recovered sales over time. Being able to visualize these numbers really puts into perspective just how easy it is to let go of these carts, just as well as how easy it can be to get them back.

So how exactly will Kit Karts go about recovering these carts?


This is where the app’s simplicity shines – Kit will contact you via text message with how many carts were abandoned as well as whether you’d like to send an email back to these customers to recover their orders. All it takes is a “Yes” text response – 3 letters will help you potentially make those sales with the customers who were so close to making a purchase.


As for the actual email that will be sent to your customers after you respond yes – the customizable email will provide a list of the items that the customer had in their cart as well as a link that leads directly back to the cart screen of your store with those products ready to go, making it easy for your customers to get straight back into the cart screen and follow through with their purchase.


You’ve put in all the hard work already, so having a method to recover lost carts such as the Kit Karts app is a no-brainer in terms of quality investments toward making more sales.

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To learn more about recovering and preventing abandoned carts and boosting conversion rates, check out that blog article from marketing consultant, Michael Zipursky.

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