New Feature: Configuration Options

We’re excited to announce new configuration options for your Shopify store. Many of you storeowners have requested more flexibility over which categories appear as well as how the preview images appear for each. Fear not! We have a solution…

Visit the new configuration page via your Shopify admin controls. From there, you’ll see two new options.

1. Product Image Display

These radio options let you decide how to show your category thumbnail images. The Fill option is great if you have simple pictures with a neutral background color and want to show everything within the bounding box. The Cover option is great if you have photography or stylized images. Rather than forcing the picture in the bounding box, we’ll automatically crop your image so if fills the entire space leaving no negative space.

2. Categories

This scrollable section will list all the primary categories within your storefront. Simply check the boxes you wish to appear on your ShopPad-enabled store. Any un-checked categories will be hidden from view.

Be sure to click the button “Save Changes” when you’re all done.

We’ll automatically generate a new store preview when you’re all done so you can see how your changes affect your store. Done and done.

Keep sending in those feature requests to! Your comments are important to us so we can continue to deliver a great product that helps your tablet-optimized storefront.

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