Get your online store ready for success with our holiday season checklist

Our seven easy tips will ensure you receive the best gift of all – a profitable holiday season!

#1. Give the gold standard in customer service

Get ahead of the season’s most important and common question “Where is my order?” Real-time tracking information gets your customers excited about their package’s progress, increases satisfaction and builds your store’s trustworthy reputation. Provide order status updates directly from your online store to keep customers coming back! This also gives you the opportunity to messages sales and promotions for repeat sales.

#2 Get personalized orders right the first time

Shoppers love to add a personal touch and 71% are prepared to pay a premium for it. Shoppers who customize a product are more engaged and spend more than customers who buy standard products. Enhance the customer experience and don’t disappoint. Engaging customers through customization raises the stakes though so make the process of creating these custom items is seamless. Tight holiday timelines make it critical that you get quality information about custom orders the first time. Minimize incomplete orders by giving shoppers the ability to input those extra details at the time of ordering.

#3 Reach a global audience through relevant pricing

eCommerce is global and if you’re only selling to domestic shoppers then you’re missing out on potential customers and leaving money on the table. Add a currency converter so shoppers can choose to see prices in their local currency. This is such a simple way to make customers comfortable and build trust. Take it once step further with an app that automatically converts product prices to your shopper’s local currency when your store’s pages are first loaded!

#4 Sell beyond product pages with beautiful content pages

Shoppers correlate a beautiful online store and professional pages with high-quality products. Make sure shoppers have all the details they need and that your pages look great on desktop, tablet and mobile. Create pages that talk about your brand’s lifestyle image or offers a competitive comparison so potential shoppers can see what makes your products the best on the market. Take the time this holiday season to create stunning pages that look great on all devices.

#5 Recover abandoned carts with friendly email reminders

Shoppers report that abandoned cart emails are a helpful tool and truly appreciate the reminder. For the store owner, they are the way to recover otherwise lost revenue. By automating the reminder process Kit Karts makes recovery painless and effective. Consider using the abandoned cart emails as an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s voice by doing things like adding a little humor to your email copy. Just don’t bombard customers with too many reminders though or this will work against you.

#6 Protect your shoppers and yourself from illegal sales

A growing number of industries are affected by compliance mandates that require merchants to prevent underage visitors from viewing age-restricted products. However, it is also important that your shopper’s first impression is the right one. Don’t miss out on purchases because your age verification pop-up isn’t simple, attractive or friendly enough. Asking shoppers more information than is needed will turn them away. Couple your age validation with social identity verification to make validation quick and effortless.

#7 Increase customer loyalty with a downloadable app

With mobile traffic officially overtaking that from desktops, it is more important than ever to offer customers an amazing mobile experience. Turn your Shopify store into an iPhone app that lets your products shine. Connect with your most loyal customers with push notifications so they can get the inside scoop on sales and the newest product announcements.

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