Going Global with Shopify: 4 Tips to Expand Your Store Internationally

Global_Retail_E-Commerce_Keeps_On_Clicking_-_Full_Report_-_A_T__KearneyInternational sales and marketing are a rapidly growing component of online businesses – 2015 saw global eCommerce sales rise 18% to nearly $1 trillion.

These numbers are only expected to grow. With the emergence of new channel technologies and more accessible markets, international eCommerce represents a massive opportunity for merchants everywhere.

“International?” you might wonder. “How can that benefit my Shopify store?”

Establishing a presence in other countries shares huge benefits for small and large businesses alike. Amongst these benefits, the ability to discover untapped markets with new customers, increased brand exposure on a global level, and cashing in on the rejuvenating effects on the momentum of your store’s success.

“OK, but how can a small business expand globally?”

Online articles are helpful in providing guidelines on how to prepare for your store’s international expansion. Shopify itself provides a wealth of resources to make this transition, with their resource center and merchant forums, the community is ready to answer your international e-commerce questions and needs.

Finally, Shopify’s App Store plays a key role in helping the SMB merchant expand globally without a bank-breaking investment. There are four primary aspects to take into account when preparing your store for international expansion:

  1. translationSpeak the same language: Having access to multiple languages for not only your store, but all content related to your store (emails, availability to search engines, etc.), is an absolute must to open that gateway to international customers. Luckily, the Shopify app store has access to apps that will cover all of your language setting needs. These apps are vital for allowing customers to understand the store and what they’re purchasing.
  2. currency-exchangeUse a currency converter: The reassurance of seeing a product in a currency that a customer is comfortable with will help secure international sales. Utilizing currency converting apps, combined with language apps, will create a shopper-friendly, localized experience for customers.
  3. invoicingThink invoicing: It should also be noted that having a way to track these currencies and languages through your store’s invoices is an important asset to managing your store’s sales. Automating this service and having it adhere to the language and currency settings you need is the perfect addition to seamlessly transition to a global optimized store.
  4. shippingOffer international tracking: When it comes to International sales, being able to track the status of a package directly from your online store is key to gaining trusting customers who will stick with your business. With tracking service apps from Shopify, your store will be able to track information from carriers from around the world.

“International?” you might ask once more. … I can do that!”

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