Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce, Volusion & Mozu

As long-time Shopify Experts, we’ve seen all of the various ways that the other eCommerce platforms can fail storeowners. Re-platforming can sound intimidating, but when eCommerce is the center of your online business, it might be better to consider the cost of staying on a platform that isn’t safe, secure and reliable.

Now Shopify has made it easier than ever to leave BigCommerce, Volusion, or Mozu by offering up to 6 months of free service — and they’ll even take care of moving your data over!

Why migrate? It’s a no-brainer actually…

Proven Performance

It’s no surprise that both Big Commerce and Volusion have struggled with their infrastructure. BigCommerce had a major outage that knocked stores offline for up to 5 days. Volusion hasn’t been immune either. Some of their largest stores have actually been suspended for using too much memory or bandwidth. Go ahead and talk to shop owners using Volusion and they’ll attest to slowness and poor performance.

Shopify Plus gives high-growth, high-volume merchants the scalability, reliability, and flexibility they need, without any of the hassle, long lead times, and expense of an on-premise solution. Many Shopify Plus clients come to the platform just to accommodate the massive loads associated with flash sales that can see thousands of concurrent checkouts.

Strength in Numbers

Volusion’s partner ecosystem is almost non-existent, with a paltry 68 apps and only 12 full-service digital agencies that can bring your vision to life. BigCommerce does slightly better with nearly 300 apps, but that’s less than 1/5 of Shopify’s robust offering.

Shopify has a diverse ecosystem of over 1,500 apps, offering a wide array of solutions from marketing, sales, social media, shipping, inventory and supply chain management. And with over 350,000 merchants on its platform, Shopify has a large community of Shopify Experts that have grown up around the platform. The Shopify Plus Experts program takes it one step further by thoroughly vetting the top agencies within their core-competencies, so you’re always matched with a premiere solution provider.

Commerce Everywhere

With Shopify’s sales channels, merchants can sell on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter immediately after starting their store — entirely from within Shopify. Other integrations include popular communities like HouzzWanelo and more.

Shopify’s Buy Button technology allows retailers to add eCommerce capabilities to any website using only a small snippet of code. Embedded products, collections and an on-site shopping cart can be added in just a few minutes.

Neither Volusion nor BigCommerce have this kind of comprehensive omni-channel strategy.

Honest, Upfront Pricing

As odd as it sounds, BigCommerce penalizes you for success. You’ll be forced to upgrade to more expensive plans as your revenue grows and incremental orders are subject to additional fees.

Volusion is just as bad. They punish successful merchants by charging extra fees for bandwidth. The more popular your storefront becomes, the more you pay. Adding to the confusion, Volusion doesn’t disclose how much they charge for bandwidth overages and it’s impossible to precisely calculate how much bandwidth you’ve used — there’s just no transparency.

Shopify offers a flat, predictable monthly fee, no matter what.

A Modern Platform That’s Ready for the Future

Volusion is reportedly losing up to 1,000 stores per month because they’ve failed to adapt to the changing needs of eCommerce merchants. Instead, Volusion has put nearly its entire R&D budget for the past 5 years into building out and developing the Mozu Commerce platform which has fewer than 40 live clients.

BigCommerce received its 5th (and likely the last) round of VC funding in May 2016. Even under their restructured pricing model, BigCommerce’s cost structure loses money. It’s just a matter of time until they’re forced to sell, or worse.

Shopify Plus is offering free migration and up to 6 months free service for existing Volusion and Big Commerce stores.Dedicated Account Manager. Branded Checkout. No Fees.Learn More

By comparison, Shopify is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:SHOP) with a market cap of $3.5 billion. Enjoy the confidence and security knowing Shopify is powerful for today’s needs and ready to scale for tomorrow’s commerce trends.

Shopify continues to invest heavily in engineering dedicated exclusively to Shopify Plus. They recently acquired Boltmade, a development consultancy that will help accelerate the Shopify Plus product offering. Shopify formed unique partnerships with some of the most innovative companies in the world to ensure that it stays ahead of enterprise market trends.

Shopify Plus Experts

ShopPad builds beautiful solutions exclusively for Shopify stores, so rest assured that we have the expertise to develop anything needed to help your online store grow.

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