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shopify-appsThird-party applications play a huge role in defining a Shopify store’s success. A quality app can prove beneficial within many aspects of one’s store: sales, marketing, analytics, customer support and service, or social media.

Whether you’re new to Shopify and are looking for some key apps to supplement your store, or you’re an established Shopify veteran searching for emerging ways to boost your store’s functionality, finding just the right app is crucial. In the sea of currently available apps and the steady stream of new ones, it might seem overwhelming to try them out all at once.

If only there was a way to condense all of these incoming apps into a single email that you could peruse at your own leisure?

We created just that.

By joining our New Apps Newsletter mailing list, you’ll be able to see which new apps appear on the Shopify App Store each week. In an easily digestible format, you can take a quick look at some potentially game-changing apps – you might just find the app that you’ve always been looking for.

The weekly emails will surely keep you in the loop of all the exciting, new software that is at your fingertips. Knowing what’s available for your store will allow you to filter out what works and what doesn’t, so that you know which apps to look out for next.

Can’t wait to subscribe? Here’s the link – happy App hunting!

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