Touch Commerce News Roundup #3


Tablet Shipments To Grow 69.8% YoY To 197M Units In 2013, As PCs/Laptops Decline 7.3% To 315M Units

The old empire of desktop PCs is falling to the shadows as the era of mobile device skyrockets. Microsoft has the most to lose in this transition as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS systems find the lion’s share of the market among the new devices being adopted.

Mobile Commerce Optimization: 5 Tips for Touch Keyboards

No one likes filling out forms, especially on a mobile device where buttons and screens are small and mistakes are inevitable. In order to create an enjoyable experience for user, serve the correct keyboard based on the type of data the user should provide i.e. serve the numeric dialpad for credit card fields since alpha characters aren’t valid. Eliminating these user errors can reduce abandonment rate and increase sales.

HTML5 vs Apps – The Face-off

So you think you need an app, eh? Native apps have their place when it comes to games and software requiring device-specific feature integration. But when it comes to development on mobile devices, the actual developers themselves, 87% of them in fact, strongly believe in HTML5 being the low-cost, effective solution to focus on.

Impact of Responsive Designs

Sadly, many companies aren’t sharing their data when it comes to how their mobile efforts are panning out. However, Luke highlights four companies who was willing to share the learnings of their responsive designs. O’Neill clothing saw a whopping 65.7% increase in conversion rate and 101.2% revenu growth across iPhones and iPods. Skinny Ties saw a 13.6% increase in conversion rate and resulting in a stagering 377.6% revenue growth on iPhones!

The next E-commerce trends, mobile commerce, and making Wow

Jason Goldberg, founder and chief executive officer at Fab talks about the face of retail changing. As online commerce increases globally, people that were focused on buying commodities are now transacting to emotional products that focus on selection, exclusivity and personal reactions instead of price. Fab is also seeing 30-40% of daily sales coming from mobile devices and attribute their success to focusing on the customer, not the dollars.

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