Touch Commerce News Roundup #2


Worldwide Tablet Shipments Hit A Record Total Of 52.5M Units In Q4 , Including 22.9M iPads

In the battle for tablet sales Apple’s iPad continues to reign supreme. Samsung has begun to chip away at Apple’s overall marketshare whereas Microsoft – despite their best effort – is falling short. Both Barnes and Noble and Amazon saw increased marketshare by year end.

The Phablet – More than just a Phad

The “Phablet” (a phone whose screen is 5 inches or more) has the the potential to combine the mobility of a cellphone with the functionality of a tablet. Early numbers indicate there’s more here than than a fad, but to become widely adopted manufacturers will need to improve battery life and market perception in order to avoid being seen as an inferior tablet or oversized phone.

How do mobile and desktop SEO differ, and how can you improve rankings?

Thought you only needed one strategy for SEO? You may need to think again. When it comes to mobile, Google is looking at different factors including device location and site speed to determine its ranking.

Personalisation and tablets will dominate changes to ecommerce in 2013

Experts sound off on the big changes coming to eCommerce in the upcoming quarters. On the tip of everyone’s tongues: tablets and curation.

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