Founding Principles: Are You Auditing Your Apps?

Founding Principles

It’s February, and I’m excited! Every passing day means we’re closer to enjoying the things that last year stole. It’s easy to get caught up prioritizing vacation destinations, but being a new year also means it’s the best time to look inward to ensure your business operates efficiently for the months ahead.

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Shopify vs Magento: A Developer’s Perspective

When trying to make the decision between Shopify and Magento, you’ll often hear that Shopify is a hosted solution, whereas Magento is open-source software. This is often cited as the key difference between Shopify and Magento. The hosted solution relieves you of having to install and host your online store, but the open-source software allows you a greater degree of customizability.

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The Visual Language of Designing for Touch

hero-touchscreenUnderstand the medium

In the print world, paper choice is critical to understanding what kinds of design can be supported. For example, try putting an embossed foil stamp on vellum. On desktops, designers know they have a pristine canvas (the monitor) to work on. Such a canvas is also guaranteed to be used in well-lit conditions. But monitors support colors differently, which means subtle details can become lost. Tablets bring their own hurdles. Continue reading

Bricks to clicks: Turn showrooming into purchasing

Best Buy’s acting CEO Mike Mikan made waves in the retail community when he announced bold plans to eliminate “showrooming” in his stores. Showrooming may keep big box retailers awake at night, but it doesn’t have to ruin your sleep. In fact, some inexpensive technology and a change in your customer service approach could help you ride the trend to bigger sales and enhanced customer loyalty.
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