Bold improvements

July 7th, 2014Posted In Announcements

We’ve made a bold new partnership that brings support for some of the best Shopify apps into ShopPad: compatibility with Bold Apps is now available for all stores! Check out some of our favorite apps by Bold to see how … Continue reading


Collecting pins of our favorite products

July 2nd, 2014Posted In Announcements

In the course of helping stores set up ShopPad for their mobile experience our staff discovered something interesting: ShopPad retailers sell some really cool things! We’ve started adding products that catch our eye to Pinterest and we’d love it if you followed along too. Our … Continue reading


What does Bitcoin mean for SMBs

May 21st, 2014Posted In eCommerce

In just a few short years, Bitcoin has become a digital jackpot. The virtual currency and payment processing network has increasingly gained momentum and credibility since 2009. The crypto-currency is accepted by thousands of merchants across the world, including, … Continue reading


New Features Now Available

April 18th, 2014Posted In Announcements

We’ve released a number of new additions and enhancements to ShopPad that will greatly improve your customers mobile shopping experience on tablets and smartphones: Free “White Glove” Design Help Let our expert design team take care of customizing your mobile … Continue reading

SP Yeti All Business

First Impressions Matter

March 10th, 2014Posted In eCommerce

Imagine you are walking along a street and pass a row of boutique stores. Each has an elegant sign and a nice display in their window. These boutiques have obscure, hipster-sounding names and it is difficult to tell what they … Continue reading