March 7th, 2013Posted In ShopPad Spotlight

The ShopPad Spotlight: Issue #4

These ShopPad-powered shops caught our eye this month for crazy cool designs, awesome products that support a great cause and clever branding. Give them a look:

Shop and Buy American


A premier retailer of fashionable apparel, decor, accessories and pet products from American brands and artisans.

Why we love ’em

They research and hand selected an eclectic and evolving collection of American made products in an effort to provide customers with an unparalleled selection of unique and high quality goods. Plus they are proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and giving back is just cool.

Muve Clothing


An alliance of an illustrator from the Washington DC area and a photographer with roots in NYC that decided to start a clothing company together.

Why we love ’em

The Muve brand is dedicated to voicing creative freedom with respect to the sub-cultures of past, present and future.

Kiss and Makeup


Boutique apothecary of beauty, clothing, home goods and collection of all things fantastical.

Why we love ’em

Playing off the 1934 romantic comedy film name starring Cary Grant as a doctor who specializes in making women beautiful, their curated product collection has everything today’s modern women is looking for.

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